May 31-July 5th

Top 5 Receive Cash

# 1 – 50
Receive one (1) $300 entry into the $100,00 Guaranteed June Monster Multi-Flight Tournament:
Day 1A…Thu, July 6 1 at 11:15am
Day 1B…Fri, July 7 at 11:15am
Day 1C…Fri, July 7 at 4:15pm
Day 1D…Sat, July 8 at 11:15am
Day 1E…Sat, July 8 at 4:15pm
Day 2…Sun, July 9 at 12:15pm

# 51 – 100
Receive one (1) $65 Satellite Entry for a 1 in 6.12 chance to win a $300 entry into the $100,000 Guaranteed, July 6-9 Monster Multi-Flight Tournament:
Wed, July 5 at 11:15am
Wed, July 5 at 6:15pm
Thu, July 6 at 6:15pm
Fri, July 7 at 6:15pm


If, for any reason, you are unable to use your entry earned in the point race, that entry will automatically forward to the next month. If the entry is not used in the second month, it will expire. Please always use the forwarded entry before using any new points entries or satellite seats.