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Double Point Days

Tue, Sept 21st @ 12:15
$130 Deep Stack
20k Starting Stack–20 Min Levels
$3,000 Guarantee

Thu, Sept 23rd @ 6:00
$130 Survivor
20k Starting Stack–20 Min Levels
1 in 10 wins $1,000

Sat, Sept 25th @ 12:15
$250, $50 Bounty
25k Start Stack–20 Min Levels
$10,000 Guarantee

Player Appreciation Points

Aug 1 – Sept 30, 2021

Top 10 Point Earners…

1st…..$ 3,000        6th…$ 500
2nd…$ 2,000        7th…$ 400
3rd….$ 1,500        8th…$ 300
4th….$ 1,000        9th…$ 200
5th….$ 750          10th…$ 100

PLUS $500 Big Dog Ticket for Day 1 October 8th (12:15pm or 6:00pm) or 9th (12:15pm) and Day 2 on October 10th, 2021 at 12:15pm.

Point Earners #11 – 50

$500 Big Dog Ticket for Day 1 October 8th (12:15pm or 6:00pm) or 9th (12:15pm) and Day 2 on October 10th, 2021 at 12:15pm.

Point Earners #51 – 100

$75 Satellite Ticket

Played on:

Sat, Oct 2 at 6:00pm

Mon, Oct 4 at 12:15pm

Wed, Oct 6 at 6_00pm

Thu, Oct 7 at 12:15pm

to win your way into $500 Big Dog Day 1 October 8th (12:15pm or 6:00pm) or 9th (12:15pm) and Day 2 on October 10th, 2021 at 12:15pm.

Tournament Clock

September 2021 Schedule

Tue 8/3112:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Wed 9/112:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Wed 9/16:00pm***$25 Bounty $125Structure
Thu 9/212:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Thu 9/26;00pm***Survivor -- 1 in 10 wins $1,000 $130Structure
Fri 9/312:15pm20/30 Min Levels Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Fri 9/36:00pm$20 Optional Add-on$50Structure
Sat 9/412:15pm$50 Bounty$250Structure
Sat 9/46:00pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Mon 9/612:15pm$25 Bounty$125Structure
Mon 9/66:00pm***Deep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Tue 9/712:15pm***Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Wed 9/812:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Wed 9/86:00pm***$25 Bounty$125Structure
Thu 9/912:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Thu 9/96:00pm***Survivor -- 1 in 10 wins $1,000 $130Structure
Fri 9/1012:15pm20/30 Min Levels Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Fri 9/106:00pm$20 Optional Add-on$50Structure
Sat 9/1112:15pm$50 Bounty$250Structure
Sat 9/116:00pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Mon 9/1312:15pm$25 Bounty$125Structure
Mon 9/136:00pm***Deep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Tue 9/1412:15pm***Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Wed 9/1512:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Wed 9/156:00pm***$25 Bounty$125Structure
Thu 9/1612:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Thu 9/166:00pm***Survivor -- 1 in 10 wins $1,000 $130Structure
Fri 9/1712:15pm20/30 Min Levels Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Fri 9/176:00pm$20 Optional Add-on$50Structure
Sat 9/1812:15pmBar Poker Open--Private EventN/A
Sat 9/186:00pmBar Poker Open$30
Mon 9/2012:15pm$25 Bounty$125Structure
Mon 9/206:00pm***Deep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Tue 9/2112:15pm***Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Wed 9/2212:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Wed 9/226:00pm***$25 Bounty$125Structure
Thu 9/2312:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Thu 9/236:00pm***Survivor -- 1 in 10 wins $1,000 $130Structure
Fri 9/2412:15pm20/30 Min Levels Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Fri 9/246:00pm$20 Optional Add-on$50Structure
Sat 9/2512:15pm$50 Bounty$250Structure
Sat 9/256:00pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Mon 9/2712:15pm$25 Bounty$125Structure
Mon 9/276:00pm***Deep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Tue 9/2812:15pm***Deep Stack NLHE$130Structure
Wed 9/2912:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Wed 9/296:00pm***$25 Bounty$125Structure
Thu 9/3012:15pmDeep Stack NLHE$100Structure
Thu 9/306:00pm***Survivor -- 1 in 10 wins $1,000 $130Structure

***Played downstairs in the Poker Room.

Palm Beach Kennel Club reserves the right to void any entry and /or to change or modify this tournament at any time. Palm Beach Kennel Club will not be held responsible in the event of typographical errors or misinformation on the website or printed materials pertaining to this event, and players will have no claim in these matters.

2021 Palm Beach Classics

June 2 - 13, 2021

March 18 - 28, 2021

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