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DateDayTimeGameBuy-inLevelsUnitsGuaranteeStructure Sheet
2-01MonBegins Feb 8
2-02TueBegins Feb 9
2-03Wed12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-04Thu12:15NL Hold'em$10020 Min10000$2,000Structure
2-05Fri12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-05Fri6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-06Sat12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-06Sat06:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-07SunNo Events
2-08Mon12:15NL Hold'em$12520 Min10000$3,000Structure
2-09Tue12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-10Wed12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-11Thu12:15NL Hold'em$10020 Min10000$2,000Structure
2-12Fri12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-12Fri6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-13Sat12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-13Sat6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-14SunNo Events
2-15Mon12:15NL Hold'em$12520 Min10000$3,000Structure
2-16Tue12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-17Wed12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-18Thu12:15NL Hold'em$10020 Min10000$2,000Structure
2-19Fri12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-19Fri6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-20Sat 12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-20Sat6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-21SunNo Events
2-22Mon12:15NL Hold'em$12520 Min10000$3,000Structure
2-23Tue12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-24Wed12:15NL Hold'em$7020 Min8000$1,500Structure
2-25Thu12:15NL Hold'em$10020 Min10000$2,000Structure
2-26Fri12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-26Fri6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-27Sat12:15NL Hold'em$12520/30 Min12000$5,000Structure
2-27Sat6:30NL Hold'em$4020 Min10000$1,500Structure
2-28SunNo Events

***All tournaments feature Unlimited Re-Entry thru 1st 6 Levels (2 Hours) plus 1st Break***
Guarantees not valid if any of the following prevent play or impede travel to the facility: 1) Extreme weather, 2) Acts of God, 3) Power failure or any circumstances beyond the control of PBKC that compromises our ability to safely and comfortably host and event.
PBKC is not responsible for misprints. PBKC reserves the right to modify or cancel any event at any time.

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