Top Notch Victorious in $50,000 He’s My Man Classic!

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        West Palm Beach, Fl. – Always expect the unexpected in Greyhound stake racing action.

Such was the case for Rader Racing Kennel’s Top Notch, as he took advantage of some early traffic issues to come from way off the pace to win Palm Beach Kennel Club’s $50,000 He’s My Man Classic.

As the starting box opened, it was (4) O Ya Baby Blue, the veteran of the field, snagging the early lead. Also breaking well was (8) JSK Lubbock, who immediately took a left-hand turn, jamming up the middle of the pack consisting of (5) Grand Azul, race favorite (6) Tip Top and (7) Eyesappealing.

In the meantime, the inside-posted brother team of (1) JT’s Blindnspeed and (3) JT’s In The Bank were making their move, but approaching the first turn, Blindnspeed was blocked back, causing a chain reaction traffic jam resulting in a slight opening for (2) Top Notch.

Despite having some trouble himself, Top Notch found himself in fourth-place entering the backstretch, chasing Baby Blue, Lubbock and “Banker”.

After quickly dispensing of JT’s In The Bank, Top Notch had his eyes set on the prize. By the time the top three past the tote board, for all intents and purposes, the race was over.

Known for being the strongest closer in the finale, Top Notch was focusing on one thing. The finish line.

He quickly sped by Lubbock and Baby Blue and went on to win the $50,000 He’s My Man Classic by three lengths in a speedy 545-Yard Royal Palm time of 29.46 seconds and returning a healthy $29.20 to his staunch supporters.

On an unusual side note, Top Notch was the only Greyhound in the final who failed to win any of the four qualifying events.

But who cares! It’s the big one that counts!

Top Notch collected a cool $25,000 for his 29-plus seconds of racing excellence!

O Ya Baby Blue, JSK Lubbock and JT’s In The Bank, finished second, third and fourth, respectively.

The complete $50,000 He’s My Man Classic Championship order of finish:

1st2. Top Notch (Barcelona Boss – Kiowa Starz Sage, Rader Racing)

2nd4. O Ya Baby Blue (KC And All – O Ya Cranberry, Janie Carroll)

3rd –  8. JSK Lubbock (Atascocita Gray – JSK I Love Lucy, B & B Racing)

4th3. JT’s In The Bank (Pat C Sabbath – Julianne Hough, Koppe, Staats & Collins)

5th5. Grand Azul (Barcelona Boss – Kiowa Starz Sage, Rader Racing)

6th6. Tip Top (Barcelona Boss – Kiowa Starz Sage, Rader Racing)

7th7. Eyesappealing (Barcia Bale – Goldilocks, Lester Raines)

8th1. JT’s Blindnspeed (Pat C Sabbath – Julianne Hough, Koppe, Staats & Collins)

The Classic is named in honor of Palm Beach Kennel Club racing legend and the track’s first multimedia sensation He’s My Man and dedicated to the man who raised and trained “Roscoe”, Bill Pappas.

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